Samsung M51 May comes with mighty 7000mAh Battery and SD 730 SoC

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For many days we have been waiting for the Samsung M51, but the company is not giving us any strong information about it, whatever we have come to know about the configuration of this phone from all the leaks. Yesterday, some important leaks were found about this phone which is very good news for Samsung users, so let’s know what the leaks are

This year Samsung is strongly promoting its “M” medium series – quite rightly, because it includes such successful models as the Galaxy M21. Soon the family will expand with the Galaxy M51 model. We hear rumors and rumors about it somewhere since March – we know thanks to them that it is to have a 6.67 “display with Full HD + image quality, a Snapdragon 730 processor and its result appeared in Geekbench tests, and from the result we come to know that it comes with an 8GB RAM variant with UFS 2.1 support and we also get a fast charging of 25Watt.

Samsung M51
image source:- @Onleaks

Samsung M51 May comes with mighty 7000mAh Battery. This is not surprising – the M31s have them, but until today we did not know anything about the battery, and if the report with a capacity of 7000 mAh proves correct, it will probably be a smartphone with the most powerful battery in the world.

This time Samsung has not let us down, the company has not provided Exynos chipset in M51 but used Snapdragon chipset. And it is being speculated that it can be launched with Snapdragon 730 chipset.

The same leak that gives information about the battery says that Samsung M51 comes with a Quad Camera setup, in which the main rear camera lens uses a 64 MP matrix, and the secondary rear camera lens uses a 12 MP matrix, and the third and fourth rear camera uses a 5-MP lens. As we know from the manufacturer himself, this phone will first debut in India, and then go to Russia – where there is even a support page for this model on the local manufacturer’s website.

 However, this is certainly not the end, but we have to wait for its official presentation for the release date and prices. So far, we do not know when it will happen.

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