7 Best Personal Expenses Tracking Apps



7 Best Personal Expenses and Transactions Tracker App
 Best Personal Expenses and Transactions Tracker App

There was a time that we used to use a diary to calculate our expenses, but now smartphones can solve this problem of ours.  Thousands of such apps are now available on mobile phones, which keep track of your expenses and transactions.

In today’s time, most of our work is done through smartphones.  In the digitizing world, our purchases and transactions are also being digitized.  In such a situation, it becomes difficult for many people to keep track of their expenses.  There was a time that we used to use a diary to calculate your expenses, but now smartphones can solve this problem of yours. 

Thousands of such apps are now available on mobile phones, which will not only keep track of your expenses and transactions but also have many such features, which will also take care of your financial troubles. 

Here we are going to tell you about many such apps including AndroMoney, Money View, Walnut, Wallet, which will give you all information about the balance and transaction of your bank account, as well as how much you have spent or how much you have earned.  We will also keep this information in front of you on one tap.  Let’s know about seven such apps without delay.


 The first app on the list is AndroMoney, a popular Expense Tracker app on Google Play.  In this app, you can manage more than one account at once and keep an eye on the account balance as well as make money transactions easily.  It comes equipped with cross-platform support for web and iOS.  The AndroMoney app comes with several budget management features and includes support for multiple currencies.  

One of the features of the app is its simple interface, which will not take you much time to understand.  Although the app is free, keep in mind that there are a lot of advertisements to see in it.

How to use AndroMoney👇

Is it safe to use AndroMoney App:-

AndroMoney using Pincode security. So your financial data will always be safe. Whether or not your device features a meltdown, your stuff is safe forever and could be restored.

Best Features:-

  • Track Daily Expenses
  • Budget Management
  • Realtime Expense Report
  • Category Management
  • Account Management
  • Multiple Currencies


  • Google Play Efficiency Tools(2013)
  • Google Play 30 Best Apps(2014)
Click Here to Install AndroMoney:- t.ly/eFQP

Money view

 Money View is another good option to track account balance and expenses.  It pulls your bank balance through your SMS.  Apart from this, you can also activate net banking through OTP, so that you can keep an eye on your account whenever you want.  You can get a loan up to 5 Lakh from this app.

One of the features of this app is that it can also give you information about ATMs near you and can also organize tax-saving and reimbursement.

How to use Money view👇

Is it safe to use Money View App:-

The app is so secure, you can use it because the app didn’t share anything of your personal data to third-party apps,  but if you see they are charging 1.33% of ROI and 2.5% of processing fee which is a totally higher side when you compare with a personal loan of any bank. 

I personally suggest not using this kind of App to get a loan it might hit your credit score badly when you see ROI.

Best Features:-

  • Track your expenses automatically using the expense manager(via SMS)
  • Get an instant loan of up to Rs. 5,00,000
  • Check bank balance and PayTM & Freecharge wallet balance(tracked via bank SMS)
  • Set & Track a Budget(keep a check on your expenses)
  • Get bill reminders & pay bills on time(tracked via SMS from banks and billers)
  • Keep track of office reimbursements


  • 10Million+ Users 
  • Available in over 5000 Indian cities
Click Here to Install Money View: t.ly/5mFP


 Walnut is one of the most popular apps in this category.  The good thing is that this app can be used by Android as well as iOS users.  It recognizes all your expenses and automatically puts them in that category.  

For example, putting the expenditure on groceries and restaurants and food and food into the food category, train and flight tickets, or cab expenses into the travel category.  In this way, this app tells you how much you have spent in which category.  

It also tells you the bank balance and also manages your credit card cycle.  There is much more to do in this.

How To Use Walnut 👇

Is it safe to use Walnut App:-

Walnut only reads business and transaction messages. It does not read personal messages and ignores OTPs. It cannot access any login and password details and is safe to use.

Your data is encrypted and stored on secure servers (only if you have Backup enabled), so you can restore it if you change or reset your phone. It is not shared with any third party.

Best Features:-

  • Track Your Spends(expenses categorized into categories like Food, Shopping, Entertainment, etc)
  • Transfer Money to friends(Split spends, send & request money for free)
  • Credit Card Payments(Pay your credit card bills directly from the app)
  • Bill Remainders(credit cards/mobile bill/ DTH bill)
  • Get Bank Balance(check all your bank account balances instantly without using the internet data)
  • Export your data and generate expense reports(in PDF & CSV format)


  • 10Million+ Users 
  • 4.3-Star rating on play store
  • 175k+ reviews
Click Here to Install: t.ly/F0ZR

 Money Lover

 Won the title of Best Finance App in 2017.  Apart from this, Editor’s Choice Award has also been received.  Also plays the role of money manager as well as a budget planner.  You can keep the app secure through Pincode and fingerprint. 

Money Lover app is also capable of keeping bank account details.  Syncing data across the web and other mobile platforms are also pinched.  Some premium features are also available in the app, for which money has to be paid.

How to use Money Lover👇

Best Features:-

  • Money Management(track daily expenses and incomes by categories(food, fuel, etc.) with ease )
  • Reporting & Budgeting(gives your spending reports and set a limit on how much to spend in a category)
  • Forecast Budget
  • Track your debt & replacement(loan & debt collection)
  • Goal Wallet(Track saving progress with piggy bank concept and motivate you to build a saving habit)
  • Bill & Recurring transaction
  • Tag for transactions(assign transaction with any tag, so you can easily search for the old record)
  • Find nearby ATM
  • Built-in currency converter
  • Store receipts just by taking a picture
  • Data Sync across devices & platforms


  • Best of 2017 Android App
  • Google Top-Developer
  • Editor’s Choice App since 2016
Click Here to Install: t.ly/kCLr


 Monefy app comes with a fairly simple interface.  Its features are also very basic, but useful.  Many currency support is included in the app.  Apart from this, it comes with a built-in calculator and password protection. 

In this, you can also make a backup of your data and it also has a widget to track expenses.  A free version of the app is available.  However, if you want some additional features, the app also gives you the Pro version, for which you will have to pay 199 rupees.

How to use Monefy👇

Is it safe to use Monefy App:-

As per the security concern, Monefy said in its privacy policy that “we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally identifiable information or other Personal Information entered into our app”.

Best Features:-

  • Add new records quickly with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Safely synchronize using your own Google Drive or Dropbox account
  • Take control of recurring payments
  • Backup and export personal finance data in one click
  • Trank in multi-currencies
  • Save Money with a budget tracker
  • Use Multiple accounts
  • Stay secure with passcode protection


  • Editor’s Choice app on play store(Finance categories)
  • 4.6-Star rating on play store 
Click Here to Install: t.ly/Ef22


 Wallet not only monitors your expenses, but also helps you to control your expenses.  It syncs your balance and helps to keep track of transactions.  It also has an account sharing feature, which allows you to share your account information with others. 

Talking about some other features, it also has features like cloud syncing, warranty tracking, shopping list, etc.

How to use Wallet App👇

Is it safe to use Wallet App:-

Wallet certified with ISO 27001 standard and the system checked regularly by OWASP methodology. So Wallet is a fully trusted and secure app as per security concern.
Wallet only provides your information to trusted 3rd parties but the 3rd parties require to qualify to technical standards to protect your data.

Best Features:-

  • Automatic Bank Updates
  • Imports or Manual Bank Updates
  • Flexible Budgets
  • Insightful reports
  • Sharing selected accounts
  • Automatic cloud sync
  • Receipt and warranty tracking
  • geo-mapping transactions
  • Exports to CSV/XLS/PDF
  • debt management
  • PIN security


  • Editor’s Choice app on play store(Finance categories)
  • 3500+ participating banks worldwide
  • #8 top-grossing app on play store(Finance)
Click Here to Install: t.ly/SGfm


 The Goodbudget app comes equipped with cross-platform support.  This means that you can sync your data across the web and iOS.  Like other apps, this app also has the option to track expenses, and also you can save your data in CSV file, QFX, and OFX file format.  

It can keep track of your data for up to 7 years.  You get all the basic features for free, but if you want to try some premium features then you will have to spend a little money.

How to use GoodBudget👇

Is it safe to use GoodBudgetApp:-

Goodbudget uses the bank-grade 256-bit SSL which is so secure and all of the data of users stores in a secure database and also GoodBudget does not share, sell, or rent your personal information to third parties.

Best Features:-

  • Sync across multiple devices(And Web)
  • Check Envelope and Account balances
  • Schedule transactions and Envelope fills
  • Split expense transaction
  • Save time with smart payee and category suggestions
  • Monitor cash flow with income vs. Spending Report
  • Recommended by:- Google, The New York Times, Forbes, Boston Globe, Verizon Wireless
  • Ranked #3 in App Quality across All finance apps in both major app stores.
  • Downloaded over 30Million times 
Click Here to Install: t.ly/PlWN
The above 7 apps are best for tracking expenses, transactions, and saving your money by giving many functionalities within. You may use these apps to track your daily and monthly expenses and if you are satisfied with any of these apps, lets us know by giving your feedback in the comment box.

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