What is Google People Cards?

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 Google People Cards
Nowadays everyone wants to keep their own business profile and bio online, so that whenever anyone needs it, they can easily get you by searching your name on Google and know about you, about your education information, and also your business card  and if they like your profile then they will do business with you, otherwise, he can offer you a job or can take your help in some of their work or business.  
But is it that easy?  You must be wondering about it, are we any celebrities that someone searches our name and finds us like Wikipedia show Google our bio or business profile in their search engine?  So, friends, Google has brought a tremendous feature for all users named as Google People Cards.  
What is this Google people card, what are the specialty and how it will help us, so let us know in detail.

What is Google People Cards?

Google has launched the Google People Cards feature in India.  This is a kind of Virtual Visiting Card.  With the help of which you can search for any person by going in Google search, or any person can search you.  In it, the same information about you will be visible to the world.  Let it be said that the need in India is more because here many people have the same name.
Google has added many features in view of India’s large population.  Like any person can make only one card.  This card will be issued only after the investigation.  Each card will have to give details of the person’s photo, business, location so that it can be distinguished from other cards with the same name.  If the user wants, then he can add information like writing, contact, village, and social media profiles to this card.  
The user will have complete control over his card, he can erase his information and update whenever he wants.  Apart from this, if the user wants to close the card forever, he can also do it.  After this, the user name will never be visible in Google search.  Google has now made this feature for mobile search.  This feature is not currently available for the web.

How to create Google People Card?

  1. Creating a People Card is very easy. First, sign in to your Google account from your phone.
  2. After this type on Google search – “Add me to Search.”
  3. The first prompt you will get (Add Yourself to Google Search), through this, you will(“Get Started”), click on that, now you can add yourself to Google.
    Google people card images
    Google people card
  4. After clicking on it, if you want, then take a photo of yourself, add a description, add a link to your website and social media profile. Enter your phone number and email ID (if you want).
    Google people card information
    Google people card information

  5. After this, you search your name on Google and see that your People Card is ready.

What Information Need For Creating A Google Card:-

What Information Need For Creating A Google Card:-

Users can make their own People Card. In this, your name, address, information of your social media platform, the profession can give all this. Not only this, if the users want,  they can also share their phone number, e-mail ID, and even information about any of their websites. So that your people can easily find you on Google.

Where to get Google People Card?

This feature is currently available on smartphones only and not on the web. Apart from this, the cards are currently available only in English. In the coming times, these cards will also be present in many other regional languages.
For people like online job seekers, starting their own start-up, Google People Card will be very helpful. 

Google’s opinion about Google People Card:-

Google search product manager Lauren Clark said that a virtual visiting card can be added to its website, social media profiles and other information on Google search.  Also, with this feature, fake people can be identified and a virtual database can be created for every internet user.  
With Google’s People Search feature, people will be able to create only one virtual visiting card.  Also, this virtual visiting card has to be verified with a mobile number.  In some cases, other details can also be sought for verification.  On behalf of Google it was said that People Cards Creators would be bound by the company’s content policy.  
There will also be a human review of People Cards so that no fake People cards can be created.  People Cards Creators must have a Google Account with a mobile number.  People Cards aim to make the online presence of people effective.  In such a situation, a feedback button will be given to reporting the current low-quality information on the card.  The user will have control over which information they want to show to the world with the help of  People Cards.
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