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Computer Virus

All of us who use a computer or mobile must have heard the name of the virus, apart from this, whenever there is any problem with our computer or mobile, we say that it seems that a virus has come in it and We should use an anti-virus.

A virus is a very familiar name in the world of the Internet. Along with this, it is also a very scary name because it is harmful to your computer and other electronic gadgets i.e. if it enters the system once, then it also can spoil it and may also destroy your data.

So today we will know in this article what is a computer virus, some examples of viruses, how to do they harm our computer or mobile and how to prevent it. It is often seen that when the virus gets into the mobile or computer, the mobile slows down and our system hangs frequently, but today in this article we will learn how to get rid of this problem and how we can protect our device from these viruses.


What is a Computer Virus?

First of all, know why they are called viruses? You must have known the virus in the term of biology, which spreads diseases in humans and animals and spoils the body by reaching anyone’s body, similarly in the computer too. Computer viruses also reach the mobile or computer and spoil it so that it does not work properly and hangs usually.

 A computer virus is not a physical virus, but it is in the form of computer programs or software that are created with special programming languages. Computer viruses can come in the form of any files, software, games, and after coming into your device, they damage your device.

Computer viruses are made to hack your device so that the hacker can know the data present in your computer and hack your system. A computer virus is a type of program that is created by the Programming Language to perform a particular task on a computer.

For example, a computer virus is one that deletes or corrupts your phone or computer’s memory card or Hard Disk data without your permission, or a computer virus that displays software which runs in the background in your computer without displaying it, that can be damaged and harm your system.


Types Of Computer Virus 

Computer viruses are a type of Malicious Software which is called Malware in short. Malware is like common software but it is made to damage the computer. In this way, we can also call the computer virus as Malware. There are several types of malware depending on the damage to the computer –

Macro Viruses – 

Macro viruses are viruses that are written in a macro language such as visual basic. This virus can come into the computer through the Internet, USB, etc. and spread in the computer with the help of any special software of the computer. Macro viruses are associated with particular software and on opening the software, the virus spreads throughout the computer.

Resident viruses

This virus implants itself within the memory of the pc. Basically, there is no need for an original virus program for infection to infect any files or programs. Even if we delete the first virus, a version of it’s stored in memory, which itself activates itself.

This happens when computer OS load some applications or programs. Since it is hidden in the system’s RAM, it is often not able to detect any antivirus or antimalware.

Partition Table Virus – 

This type of virus damages the partition table of the hard disk. They do not pose any threat to computer data. This affects the hard disk’s master boot record and has the following results.

  • It executes itself at the upper priority location of the master boot record.
  • This reduces the RAM capacity.
  • It generates an error in the input/output controller program of the disk.

Boot Sector Virus –

This type of virus resides in the boot sector of the hard disk when starting the computer, these viruses interrupt the operating system to load and when loaded, affect the other software of the computer. This type of virus is very difficult to remove because they reside in the boot sector of memory.

Encrypted Virus – 

This type of virus is difficult to find for any antivirus because they remain encrypted on the computer. Such viruses look like a common file in a computer, but they are actually encrypted viruses.

Polymorphic Virus – 

Polymorphic means polymorphic meaning that these viruses change themselves in different ways and affect them in different ways. Polymorphic viruses keep changing themselves and infect the computer in different ways.

Worms – 

The most popular name in computer viruses is worms and is it for the dangerous computer. Worms are also a computer virus that once they reach any device, keeps multiplying themselves and creating many viruses of the same virus. Worms slow down the computer because they constantly multiply on the computer and continue to create a lot of viruses.

Trojan Horse – 

Often people confuse what Trojan Horse is and how it damages the computer. Trojan Horse is the most dangerous virus in the computer world, hiding its identity in the computer and causing terrible destruction. 

Trojan viruses come in the form of files or software and infect the computer after arrival. They can come both online and offline. Like you downloaded some software from the internet and installed it in your device but after that, this software will come in its real form and will infect the computer. Apart from this, if you visit a website and it has malware, then Trojans can come to your computer.

 How to know if your computer is infected with viruses:-

The following signs to know that your computer may be infected with a virus:


  1. The computer takes a long time to start-up and the performance is slow.
  2. The computer often experiences crashes, or shutdowns and error messages.
  3. The computer behaves incorrectly, such as not responding when clicked or opening files.
  4. Computer hard drives work strangely; For example, frequent movement or constant noise.
  5. The amount of storage on the computer decreases.
  6. Files and other data on the computer disappear automatically.


How to prevent computer viruses:-

The following measures can help prevent virus infection:


  1. Install antivirus and anti-spyware software and keep it up to date.
  2. Frequently scan your device by antivirus software.
  3. Do not click on the web link sent via spam mail.
  4. Get all downloaded things scanned well. Because they are more likely to have a virus.
  5. Install a hardware-based Firewall.
  6. Do not visit and download files or software from an untrusted website
  7. Do not use Open Wi-Fi.
  8. Do not click on unknown Ads because some Ads carries virus which may affect your device.
  9. Use removal disks like pen drive, CD/DVD only after scanning.
  10. Keep back up of your files.
  11. Do not charge your system on the public place electric board.
  12. Use strong passwords on every social media app and web application when logging in.



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