How To Write A Blog?

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How To Write A Blog?

Have you made your own blog? If yes, now I will tell you how to write a blog post.
Let’s face it for some sitting down to write a blog post regularly seems like, a daunting task all kinds of questions swirl through your head and I have the same questions where do I start? what am I going to say? how many words do I use? how do I get my point across?

 All of these questions swirl around in the mind of a novice blogger even more experienced bloggers have them. But see here’s the thing you don’t have to be an eloquent writer or a prose master to write a blog post. you just have to have something to say that will resonate with your target audience. They aren’t looking for a masterpiece from you usually just some useful information on a subject they’re interested in.

Actually, the new blogger can easily create a self-blog but they do not understand on which subject they should write the post and how. So I will tell you the method and tips which will help you in writing a blog post. The post may be a bit long but you will get very good information which will be very useful for you.

Choose a Good Niche:-

You should only work with a blog on the topic/niche in which you have got knowledge. Because blogging is a passion. Here only those people succeed, who always keep increasing their information, and who never stop learning.
Suppose you have information about fashion designing and you are giving health information on the blog. In such a situation, if a reader asks you for information, then you will not be able to give the correct information and in such a situation, you cannot run the blog properly. you lose your trustworthiness to your readers.
That’s why identify your information and write a post on the same basis so that the user can be attracted to you. So that you can be connected with them easily and answer all their questions. I think you must have understood by now that on which topic you should make a blog.

Choose a Good Title:-

First things first have a compelling title more people will read your title than will actually read your blog post so you need to have a title that will make people want to read the article if your title isn’t stronger interesting you’ve already lost some readers.

Write a Lead Paragraph about the Post:-

You need to have a lead paragraph that sums up the blog post this is very important, the lead paragraph should get right to the purpose of the post and make it relevant to the reader. After the title, this could be the most important part of your post. If you take too long to summarize what the article will convey to the reader you may lose them. Keep it short keep it concise keep it strong. 

Add Some Images:-

Now you need to find a good image for your blog post. Images are used to draw your readers into the post itself. Find an image that relates to your article and feature it prominently, but that doesn’t mean you can go online and search for any old image to use remember there are copyright rules in place so don’t just go swiping images online there are plenty of websites where you can get copyright free images.

Make sure you only use those if you don’t have a subscription to a paid stock image service or licensing to use the image you want it’s always good and fun to put yourself into the post when possible. This helps your readers connect better with you.

Add Links:-

Another thing that a lot of people forget is adding links to their posts. When you write a post be sure to include not just links to outside sources but also internal links to other blog posts on your own site that are relevant. 

This helps keep your article shorter since you can direct your reader to a different post to expand on a point you’re trying to make plus you keep your reader on-site and moving through other pages of your website that’s always good for SEO.

Keep Posting Regularly:-

Friends, it is very important that you write new blog posts on your blog on regular basis, because this will increase the traffic of your blog and at the same time you will get new blog readers, then you must keep in mind that if you have your own blog, and wants to increase traffic then you have to write high-quality content in your blog regularly because it is an identity of an ideal blog.

Try to write Quality Content:-

This is a very important point and is the best way to writing a blog that you will always write only high-quality content in your blog because Google likes high-quality content very much and you get good ranking in Google and other search engines. It will helps you a lot.

Never copy and re-post others article:-

Friends, I have seen a lot of bloggers who are very expert in copy paste and publishing and they think how stupid other bloggers are who spend hours writing blog posts and how smart we are to copy their post and publish them on our blog in a minute.
So friends, do not use any such shortcut because writing such blogs is better than not writing a blog because you will not get good traffic and ranking at all. 

I completely believe that if you follow my given tips and methods properly then you will be able to write a successful blog and nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger. 

Thanks, Guys 😊

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