How To Earn Money From Instagram

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 How To Earn Money From Instagram

Friends, in today’s busy life, everyone needs an easy way to earn money, as technology and science is growing, people are trying to make money online.  So do you also think that how to earn money online?  So in this post, we will talk about how people make money from Instagram and how you can earn money from it.

earn money from Instagram
earn money from Instagram

 So do you also use Instagram?  Just upload your photos, do like and give comments on your friend’s and celebrities’ photos and follows different pages and enjoy their photos and memes. So you may be wondering how you can earn money from Instagram, you think that I am fooling you, no friends, this is absolutely true. You can make money from Instagram by following some tips and tricks which I mention below.
 So friends, if you talk about Instagram, It is a photo-sharing social media application, where people share photos of their memorable moments, post photos with taking selfies with their friends, many celebrities and some popular personalities from all over the world sharing their photos and short videos. It is so popular that you will definitely found Instagram on everyone’s Smartphone, and it has also left Facebook behind in popularity.  But when it comes to making money, there are still a lot of people who consider Instagram as just an entertainment medium, but today it is more than an entertainment platform. Instagram has changed a lot, people now come here to earn money and to grow their business.

How to Get Ready to Earn From Instagram

Instagram can be a great way to earn money, but to earn money, one has to focus.  Before telling you about how to make money from Instagram, I want to say some important step you should do first-

 1. Select Your Topic

Before creating an Instagram account, know that you can go to that specific field, where you can get maximum brand and you can earn money by promoting their product. This can be your Hobby or Passion like – Cooking tips, Traveling advice, Yoga instruction, Photographer, Painter, etc.
  1. Choose a better name for your account.
  2.  Upload a picture according to the name that relates to it.
  3. Give proper information in Bio about what you are doing and what is the purpose of your channel.
  4.   If you have any blog or YouTube channel then mention it in the bio and put the link of it

 2. Increase Your Followers

The most important thing to earn money from Instagram is that you should have a maximum number of followers. The real question is how much you got. If you are thinking like then let me tell you, there should be at least 1 Million + Followers and if you have a good Niche Account, you can earn up to $ 100 Per Post with 20K Followers. To increase followers, you can share photos or videos on Continue Basis, which will really Influence people.

 3. Connected with people

This means that how much you are connected to your followers. Engagement matters as much as your followers. As an example, you have 20 thousand followers and you promoted a brand and gave a link in the post. So suppose 5% of the followers clicked on that link and bought the product of that brand. It tells how people are connected with you and how much they trust you.

Different Ways to Earn money from Instagram.

 Affiliate Marketing: –

 Friends, this is the best way to earn money from Instagram.  If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, then let me tell you this is a marketing program, where you can sell the products of a company or service provider.  So in return, that company gives you some commission.
 Let me explain with an example, suppose a company has given you 5 T-shirts to sell, and by selling a T-shirt, company will give you a 10% commission.  If the price of a T-shirt was 400 rupees, then by selling it, you will get 40 rupees from it.
 So in the same way you can do affiliate marketing on Instagram, first you have to join an affiliate program which related to your niche, then from that company, you will get a link for that product, you will be able to add photos of that product on your page.  You can put its link on description.  If any of your followers will buy that product through that link, then that company will give you commission for that.  The more products you sell, the more you will earn.
 If we talk about a good affiliate program then Amazon Affiliate is the best and reliable.

 Paid Sponsorship / Brand Promotion: – 

This is also, a good and better way through which you can earn money.  But to do this, you need a lot of followers.  The difference between affiliate marketing and paid promotion is that in affiliate marketing you go to register your page to get the product which you want to sell, but in paid promotion, the company comes to you to sell its product. 
The company sees how many followers the page has and whether the page is regularly active or not, if all is well, then the company will give you its product and it has the advantage that you will not have to wait for commissions like an affiliate. The company gives you advance money and after selling the product you got more money.  You have an advantage in this, but you want more followers or you will not approach the company.

Sell Your Own Product and Service: –

 If you make some products in your house or in the company, then you can sell it to people with the help of Instagram.  If someone likes your product, they will definitely buy your product.
 See, service can mean anything, if you are an event management agency, you can bring more profit to your business by increasing the followers on your page.  And because of having a big platform, your service reach will also increase.  In the same way, if you provide some service, then with the help of Instagram you can reach more and more people through your service.

Freelancing: – 

Freelancing is one of the best and safe ways to earn money from Instagram or any online platform.  People are earning millions sitting at home just by freelancing, that too every month.  If you do not know what Free Lancing is, then Free Lancing works like a service providing agency, where you are the service provider and your followers are buyer.
 Let me give you an example so that you understand it clearly, If you finish your studies and looking for a job, and you have more knowledge in a specific topic, then you can earn money from it. how ??  Let me tell you if you know how to build a website, then you can create some website and you put its photo and a short video on Instagram, if anyone needs the website they will contact with you and you can provide it to them and make money for your service.  I told you an example, you can sell any service you want, just create an Instagram page and put related posts of your service, someone will definitely contact you to get the service.

 Instagram Reel: –

 So Friends Instagram Reel, recently launched by Instagram.  With the help of Instagram Reel, you can show your talent in short videos.  After Tik Tok is banned in India, Reel gaining popularity, and in a few days, it will get a lot of user base. 
So how will you benefit from it ??  Can you make money from it ???  The answer is yes.  Let me tell you how if you have got some talent like you can sing well, you can dance well, you can cook good food, you can do good acting and anything like that.  Make a video of whatever you are good at and put it in Instagram, the more people will watch your video the more famous you will be, and if someone likes your work, he will contact you for work, and for that, you will get money.
  And if  in future Instagram runs an advertisement on Reel videos, then you can earn from there too.

Account/page promotion: –

 Account promotion means that you promote another account on your page. This strategy is done to increase followers in someone’s page, especially some small companies, talented people and small organizations do this to reach more and more people.  If your page has a good number of followers and you are regularly active on Instagram, then different pages can contact you to promote their page and for that, they also offer you a lot of money.

How much you can earn from Instagram:-

Now the question comes, how much money you can earn on Instagram at least and maximum. So if you have a Niche Account and your followers are more than 1 lakh, then you can earn $ 100- $ 200 on every post and with more than 5 lakh followers you can earn $ 300- $500 Per Post.

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