What is backlink, How To create a backlink, Why are these important for SEO?

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What is a backlink, How To create a backlink,  Why are these important for SEO?


    Backlink” is one of the most commonly used words in this world of search engine optimization (SEO). There are many bloggers who have recently started a blog or an internet site of their own, and sometimes struggle to know what the term “backlink” means on Google.
    Today we will tell about what is a backlink, how much it is important for search engine optimization (SEO) and how to achieve it.

    What is Backlink?

    what is a backlink? image
    what is a backlink?
    Backlinks are a type of link that a website gets from another website. Backlinks have a major impact on the prominence of the website in search engine results, which is why backlinks are considered very useful for improving the SEO ranking of the website.
    Search Engine calculates their ranking using multiple factors to show results. But no one knows how much search engines value backlinks when listing results. Although we all know that backlinks are very important.
    Backlinks must be natural, this means that Artificial methods should not be used to create Backlinks of your own website, the link must be Relevant, the quality of the link is more important. Whatever you do, make sure that you Have a good Domain Authority.
    Example: A website belongs to A restaurant and the website gets a backlink from B which is a food review blog or website. This is a precious, organic, and Relevant backlink that website A has received.
    You must have understood the importance of backlinks, seeing these importance, people get wrong backlinks for their website or blog nowadays like buying backlinks, selling backlinks, changing backlinks from one another, etc. Many of these There are ways that Search Engine does not like, due to which their website is disabled and penalized.

    Here are some words that you should know that are used in SEO.

    Backlink anatomy
    Backlink anatomy 

    Link Juice: 

    When a webpage links to a post you have written or to the HomePage of your website, that is, it passes that link “Link Juice“. This link juice helps in ranking that post, along with it also improves the Domain Authority. If you do not want your link to be passed through the link Juice, then you can stop it by using the No-Follow tag in it.

    No-Follow Links:

     When a website links to another website, but no-follow tag exists in the link, the link does not pass the link to that link. No-follow links are not useful in relation to page rankings because they do not contribute anything. People use these No-Follow tags only when they want that their website is linked to another site but they do not know the Search Engine, on some sites Webmaster, uses the No-Follow tag when they are on a Un relevant site. For Example:-
    <a href=”yourwebsite.com” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

    Do-Follow Link:

     All the links you have added to any blog post and website are Do-Follow links unless they are No-Follow unless they include the No-Follow tag, Do-Follow links are included in your blog. And are useful in every way for the website, these links are passed through Link Juice. For Example:-
    <a href=”yourwebsite.com“>Link Text</a>

    Linking Root Domains:

    It presents the number of backlinks coming from a specific domain to your blog or website if your blog and website are linked to a site 10 times, then only one link on it is considered as a link to the Root Domain. Huh.

    Internal Links: 

    Many links of the same blog and website that link to any other page of the same blog and website are called InterLinking or Internal Links.

    High-quality links: 

    High-quality links images

                         High-quality links 

    High quality comes from the backlinks quality website. Quality websites are those which are famous and whose domain authority is high on google. If your website also gets a backlink from a quality website, then your website will get high ranking within the program 

    Low-Quality Link:

    Low-Quality Links are those links that come from a bad blog and website to your blog or website such as spam sites, automated sites, harvested sites, or adult sites, etc. These links reduce the ranking of your blog and website instead of improving their rankings. 

    Anchor Text: 

    The text used for hyperlinks is named “Anchor Text“. Anchor Text backlink is extremely good once you try to rank a keyword. 

    What are the benefits of backlinks in SEO:-

    Before we talk about the benefits of backlinks, you also need to know that there have been many changes in the subject of backlinks in the last few years.
    Low-Quality Backlinks also helped the site’s ranking a few years ago, but since Google introduced its “Penguin algorithm”, the entire landscape of Backlinking has changed, which backlinks Low-Quality ever Help with ranking
    Now it has become very important that your blog and website have links to the High Domain Authority and all those links should be Relevant, for example, suppose you have a “clothing” site and you are linking to the site of “Gaming” This link will not be of any use, you have to take special care while creating the link that whatever link you get, all of them should be on the same Niche, should be Relevant Link.

    Improves Organic Ranking

    Backlinks are very helpful in getting your site a good search engine ranking. To understand this we will take a Keyword and look it up on Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, in the below shown SERP overview photo you can see that most high-ranking pages I have a lot of backlinks
    Note: SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. Seo-backlink-Ahrefs If your article is getting links from other websites or blogs, then your article will naturally start to rank higher in Search Engine, if not. So you need to make them. It is important to have backlinks on your post as well as on the homepage. 

    Referral traffic

    One of the biggest advantages of backlinks is that they help in getting referral traffic, a person who is reading an article on other blogs and on that they see a link to your post and to get more information from that link Come to your website article.
    When someone comes to your site to read your article and gets a relevant article, then it stays on your site for a long time, which increases user engagement and also decreases the Bounce Rate.

    How to get backlinks?

    Now you will understand what is the meaning of the word “backlink”, because it is related to SEO and how much importance it has in SEO, it has also come to know, now we will know how to get backlinks.
    One important thing that you have to keep in mind about backlinks is that the number of backlinks does not matter, rather the quality of backlinks matters. It is better to create a High-Quality backlink than to make 10 less good backlinks.
    These are some of the ways by which you can get Quality Backlinks.
    1. Write a good article
    2. Start writing a guest post
    3. Submit your blog and site to web directories
    4. Comment on another blog
    5. Write a good article
    6. If you want people to link to your article, then you have to give them a reason, why do all the people link to your article and the best reason is a good article.

    If your article is helpful for others, then people will be happy to join it, and they will like to join it.
    For now, you can write a good article, we have shared some tips with you.
    Many people read the article so that they can get a solution to their problem through that article, make sure that you clarify the exact problem and teach them how to fix it.
    Make your article easy to read and simple, write it in short, simple sentences, make the article good by adding formatting, heading, images and other multimedia.

    Start writing a guest post (Start guest blogging):-

    A guest post is a strategy in which you write posts for other people’s blogs instead of your blog. When you write a post for someone else, then the owner of that blog usually posts 1-2 Do-Follows on your site within the post. The link will be allowed to be returned, which will increase the ranking of your blog as well as your Domain Authority, people will also know about your blog, and if people like your article, then surely they will be on your blog. Will come
    The biggest challenge that comes is how do we find those blogs and websites that publish our Guest Post easily on our site, for this, you should look at those blogs and websites that already have Guest Post on their blog. But you have published. These sites usually have a page for contributors such as “Write for us” or “Contribute”.
    To find out, you have to go to Google Search Engine by writing a guest post with your Keyword and see it, you will see many AC sites that accept Guest Post.
    You should search for some AC sites that have already published the topic on their blog, such blogs would like to accept your article as soon as possible, since they have already written about this topic, for this you can also, use “Ahrefs’ Content  Explorer “and find out which website is best for your content.

    Submit your blog and site to web directories:-

    Getting Baclinks by submitting your blog and website in web directories is a very easy way, but nowadays this method is not very popular these days because it is not easy to find a “legal web directory”. You should avoid web directories that ask you to create a backlink to your website to bring your website to your directories.
    If you are still using any automatic direct submission strategy, stop doing so immediately. Automatic Website submission will display your blog as spam, and this can cost you dearly in case of completely removing your blog from your Domain Authority or Search Engine.

    Comment on other websites and blogs:-

    Commenting on a blog and website and getting backlinks from it, this is the most used method in today’s time, in which Blogger looks for some blogs and websites that are related to the High Domain Authority as well as their Niche.
    The biggest Mushkil who comes to know how to find such websites and blogs that are of High Authority with Do-follow Backlinks on which you can get backlink by commenting, you can also know from “Ahrefs’ tool” from Asani. Can do

    What did you learn about backlinks today?

    I hope this article will help you understand the basics of what backlinks are important in SEO, and why you should start working on getting backlinks for your blog.
    Are you currently working on getting backlinks for your blog? Tell us your experiences in the Comment box below. If you are working on getting backlinks for your blog and you want any kind of help from us, then you can comment us and ask,
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