How to do Digital Marketing?

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Introduction To Digital Marketing:

In today’s internet world, Digital Marketing is such a fancy word by using which you can easily make an impression on your colleagues in the office.
For most of us, the term ‘digital marketing’ is not very old. Most people came to know about digital marketing when the internet became an essential part of their life.
The term began to become more popular after the year 2000. After the development of a search engine, social media, apps, etc. in the Internet, the term became common to people.
Today many people are earning millions of rupees by doing digital marketing. Without a physical office, many people are earning a lot of money just by working from their computers.
digital marketing
digital marketing

If you want, you can also earn from home by doing digital marketing, but for this, it is important that you first get to know about digital marketing well and learn it well.
In this article, we have talked about things related to digital marketing like what is digital marketing, how to do it, and how to earn money from it. So if you are also interested in Digital Marketing then read this post carefully.

    1) What does digital marketing mean:

    digital marketing image
    digital marketing

    In the last few years, you must have noticed that many companies have reduced the installation of hoarding on the roadside. reason? The explanation is “to develop as a decent, modest and successful mode of advanced advertising”.
    As the name itself recommends, advanced advertising implies –
    The promotion of something through digital medium i.e. phone, computer, tablet, internet, social media is called Digital Marketing. It is worth noting that TV and Radio Marketing do not come under digital marketing, they are under traditional marketing. 

    Digital marketing mostly covers things related to the Internet. For example, the SMS of the people of the company keeps coming on our phones and ads are coming on YouTube. All these things are a part of digital marketing itself.
     Who is a digital marketer?
    Digital marketers speak of a person who specializes in digitally promoting things. Who knows how to get a website ranked in a good position in Google and how to bring traffic to a site.

    2) Digital Marketing Examples:

    We often see many examples of digital marketing in our everyday lives. Some of which are-
    • Promotional messages from the company on the phone.
    • Ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram.
    • Ads on YouTube.
    • Ads appearing when visiting a website or blog.
    • Ads appear at the top of some searches in Google.
    • Paid promotion of products and services in YouTube videos.
    • Emails from companies.

    3) Types of Digital Marketing:

    Digital marketing is not a single thing but it is a combination of many different things. It is not possible to write about each of these things, but these are some things without which digital marketing is incomplete. Digital marketing can be of two types – online digital marketing and offline digital marketing.
    i. Online Digital Marketing

    online marketing image
    online marketing

    Internet is used in this digital marketing. It is also called Internet Marketing.
    These things are covered under online digital marketing-

    • Content Marketing – Marketing is done by providing quality content to people and winning their trust is called Content Marketing.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The techniques that are used to rank first in Google without advertisement are called SEO together .
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Like SEO, SEM is also used to get good ranking in search engines. The only difference is that in SEM money has to be spent while SEO is done without any expense.
    • Blogging – The way of marketing by writing content on a blog is called blogging.
    • Video Marketing – Marketing of something through video is called video marketing.
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – SMM is a technique of digital marketing in which social media is used.
    • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing) – This is an Ad Marketing Model in which the company pays the publisher according to the per click.
    • Affiliate Marketing – Nowadays one of the best ways of marketing is – Affiliate Marketing. In this, companies pay people (Affiliates) according to sales. That is, if a person sells a product or service of the company, then the company gives him some% commission.
    • Email Marketing – Email Marketing is the method of collecting emails by sending emails to people.
    • Instant Messaging Marketing – This method of marketing is quite new. In this, people can subscribe to a website on their messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger. You can do this through tools like MobileMonkey and ManyChat
    ii. Offline Digital Marketing
    Apart from the internet, digital marketing can also be done in many offline ways-

    • Phone Message (SMS) – There will be many types of promotional SMS on your phone number too. This is also a kind of digital marketing technique (offline).
    • Phone Call– Many times companies do marketing by calling people as well, this is called Phone Call Marketing.
    • Electronic Billboards – Nowadays many companies promote by placing electronic hoardings. This is also a kind of digital marketing.
    • Radio Marketing – Radio marketing is done under offline digital marketing. Although many people do not consider it digital marketing, they count it in traditional marketing.
    • Television Marketing – This is marketing done through TV. However, many people do not consider it digital marketing.

    4)Why use Digital Marketing & its Importance:

    In today’s era, whether you are doing any kind of business; Digital marketing is an essential step to take your business forward.

    Digital marketing is less expensive and easier than traditional methods of marketing. On the one hand, in the old ways of marketing, we have no control over who is watching our ad, on the other hand, through digital marketing, we can reach a very narrowly targeted audience.
    In traditional methods of marketing (eg TV, Radio), we need a very strong budget which is often in millions. While this is not the case with digital marketing. We can start digital marketing with a few hundred rupees as well.
    Nowadays everyone keeps roaming online, so for the growth of our business, it is important that we start digital marketing but only slightly.

    Advantages of Digital Marketing:

    There are many benefits that you can get from digital marketing. Here are the benefits of the right use of digital marketing-
    • Digital marketing can be done for very little money. You can start doing digital marketing with 50 or even 100 rupees.
    • With digital marketing, we can reach our ads only and only to those people who really need our products or services. Whereas this is not possible in traditional marketing.
    • Digital marketing is easy to do. Also, we can easily make the necessary changes in our digital marketing campaign.
    • The conversion rate is often good in digital marketing. That is, people quickly become customers.
    • Digital marketing is the future of marketing.

    5)Some of the key terms related to digital marketing:
    There are some words related to digital marketing that confuse many people and newcomers in digital marketing must be aware of these words. Here are some such Hot Digital Marketing Terms-

    • PPC (Pay Per Click) – The amount of payment that a company has to pay to a publisher when an ad is clicked is called Pay Per Click. This is called Cost Per Click (CPC) from the publisher’s side. 
    • ROI (Return On Investment) – The amount of money that a company gains in revenue compared to the money that is spent on marketing is called ROI. For example, if you spend 1000 rupees on marketing and you get a profit of 2000 rupees then your ROI becomes 100%.
    • CTR (Click Through Rate) – The percentage of people who see a total click on something is called its CTR.
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SEO is the technique to rank a website in good position in search engines.
    • Sponsorship- Sponsorship means getting your marketing done by paying money to an influencer. For example, you can get your business marketed by paying money to a big blogger or You tuber.
    • Bounce Rate – The percentage of people who visit your website who go out of your website after reading only one page is called ‘Bounce Rate’. For example, if 100 people come to your website and 60 of them leave after reading only one page, then the bounce rate of your site in this condition will be 60%.
    • Keyword- A keyword is a word or sentence by which people can easily find your post in search engines
    • Clickbait- The use of wrong methods to get people to click on your website is called clickbait.
    • Landing Page- When you send people to your website through digital marketing, after clicking on your link, the first page of your website opens and shows people, speaking the the landing page of the website. Huh. Landing page means the page on which people land. 
    • The landing page is in a way the first impression of your website, so it must be well optimized to make your digital marketing campaign successful.
    • Content In simple terms, the thing that people get information from is called Content.
    • Backlink – When a website receives a link to our site, it is called a backlink.
    • Domain Authority (DA) – We are aware of how much respect a website has in Google’s eyes.
    • Alexa Rank- Alexa Rank shows which site is the number one site in the world in terms of popularity.

    6) How to do digital marketing? 

    Marketing Strategy image
    Marketing Strategy

    Doing digital marketing can prove to be very beneficial for your business, provided it is done correctly. These are some steps that you can use to make your digital marketing campaign a success-
     i) Define Your Goals:
    Marketing of anything cannot happen unless you are certain of what your objective is to do marketing. So first decide why you want to do marketing, what are your goals?
    Suppose that if you are marketing your website, then you may want to increase traffic to your website. Maybe you want to sell something on your website. Maybe you just want to tell people about your website (brand awareness) or maybe you aim to increase your email list for your marketing. Whatever your goal is, but be sure about it.
     ii) Choose Your Target Audience (Choose Your Target Audience) –
    Once you set your marketing goal, then it is the turn – to determine your target audience.

    For example, if you have a cosmetics business, then your target audience might be something like this-
    Audience- Ladies
    Age- 16 to 40 Year
    Interest- Makeup, Cosmetics, Beauty, etc.
    In this, you have to choose the audience that is best for you. 

    Choose the right platform –
    Different types of people move on to different platforms.
    For example, most people associated with Fashion, Acting, and Modeling use Instagram. People associated with politics use Twitter more. At the same time, business people use LinkedIn more.
    This way you have to see which platform your target audience uses the most. For example, if you want to market your cosmetics business, then Instagram can be a good platform for you.

    Note– You can also, use more than one channel for better results.

    Make your profile and website correct (Manage Your Social Profiles & Landing Page) –
    If you want to send people to your social pages through marketing, then set up your social accounts properly before placing Ads. Put the right credentials and links in them so that people don’t have any problem.
    Apart from this, if you want to send people to your website, then set your landing page (the page of the website that people will see first after clicking) correctly. Make it attractive and easy.
     Do Keyword Research –

    If you want to advertise on Google, then do keyword research. Find out what and how people find things related to the topic of your business.
     Set Your Budget

    Determine exactly how much money you want to spend to market your business digitally. Also, be certain about how long you want to run your marketing campaign.
    (Tip- If you are doing digital marketing for the first time, do not spend a lot of money on it. It is better to divide your budget into pieces. Such as- 10% for January, 8% for February, 12% for March, etc. This reduces risk.)
     Apply Ads (Set Ads) –
    The seventh and most important step is to place an ad. Customize your ads well. Keep them attractive. Pay special attention to copywriting.
     Analyze (Track & Do Analysis) –
    Many people simply leave by ad and wait for good results. But this does not happen.
    After placing the ad, we also have to track our campaign. Based on that, we also have to analyze whether we are working properly. If not, where do we need to make changes? Where things can be improved. 
    By adjectives like this, we can improve our digital marketing campaign.
    By following these steps properly, you can make your digital marketing campaign successful.

    7) Digital Marketing Strategies / Techniques:

    These are some digital marketing techniques that you can use to make your digital marketing campaign a success-

    Local SEO- If you have an offline business and you want to reach it to the people of your area or city, then Local SEO can help you in this work.

    Through SEM- Search engine marketing, you can take people to your website through search engines like Google, Bing.

    SMM- Through the ‘Social Media Marketing’ technique of digital marketing, you can use the social web and take people like your product & services.
    Remarketing- Re-marketing is a technique by which you can bring those people back to your site who have once visited your site. 
    Content Marketing- Through content marketing, we can bring a lot of people to our site for free and at the same time increase our brand awareness.

    8) Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India:

    If you want to do digital marketing of your business, then here is the list of top digital marketing agencies of India-
    1. CIS
    2. iPrism
    3. Iprospect
    4. Adweta
    5. Shoot order
    6. The Nest Big Thing
    7. 8 Views

    9) World’s Top Digital Marketing Companies:

    Some of the names of some of the world’s major digital marketing agencies are as follows-

    10) How to make a career in Digital Marketing? 

    Today there are many people who want to adopt digital marketing as a career but they do not know where to start.

    1. To make a career in digital marketing, firstly you should know the small things related to it and do small experiments with them.

    For example, firstly you can create a small blog and work on it for a few months. This will let you know how search engines work? How is blogging done? How is content writing and marketing done? With this, you will start getting light ideas about things related to the Internet.

    2. After this, if you feel that you have the ability to move forward in the field of digital marketing, then you can do 6 months or 1 year course of digital marketing from a good institute. In this, things like SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, SMO will be explained in full detail.

    3. After the completion of your course, with the help of the certificate obtained, you can apply for a job in an Internet or Digital Marketing Company. Or you can start some online work of your own if you want.
    In this way, you can make a career in the field of digital marketing. Well-known digital marketer Neil Patel has also made a video on this topic, which you can see here-

    11) Digital Marketing Course:

    Many people who want to make a career in the field of digital marketing are left confused by some questions. Here we have tried to answer some similar questions related to digital marketing.

     i)What is Digital Marketing Course? –
    Digital marketing is usually a 3-month, 6-month or a one-year course in which digital marketing methods are taught.

    In this, things like how to do SEO, how to do SEM, and social media marketing are taught. If you do this course well then you can make your career as a digital marketer.

    ii)How to do digital marketing call? 
    You can do the course of digital marketing from a good institute in your area. You can find such an institute by searching Google.
    Before joining an institute, examine it thoroughly. Make sure the institute has a good tutor and good teaching facilities. Also ensure that things like SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC are present in the course.

    Note- You can also do digital marketing courses from online websites (eg- UdemyUnacademy, etc.). These websites also give you a certificate after the course is completed.

     iii)What is the fee for the Digital Marketing course?  –

    The course fees for digital marketing depends on your location, course duration, and institute. But the fees for this course usually range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 70,000.

    Course Duration Digital marketing course can be 3 months, 6 months and year long.

    12) Best Top Digital Marketing Course Institutes for learning in India:
    These are some popular Indian digital marketing institutes from which you can take a course in digital marketing-
    1. Simplilearn 
    2. AIMA
    3. NIIT Digital Marketing
    4. DSIM
    5. EduKart
    6. Learning Catalyst
    7. EduPristine 
    8. Digital Vidya

    13) How to become a digital marketer? (Be A Digital Marketer):
    To become a digital marketer, you can take a digital marketing course. Apart from this, you can start the work of making websites, blogging, and videos. You can start doing new things on the Internet. You can learn SEO. 
    To become a good digital marketer, your passion matters more than a course. So do not just do the course but also be passionate about digital marketing. 
    After taking a course in digital marketing, you can apply for a job in a company. Usually, you get a salary from 15k to 20k rupees at the beginning which later (as experience increases) reaches 40k-50k.
    Apart from this, you can run your own Digital Marketing Business by opening a Digital Marketing Agency. 

    14) How to start a digital marketing agency?
    To open a digital marketing agency, it is better that you have at least 5-6 years of experience working in a digital marketing company. Only then can your agency run well.
    Neil Patel says that you work in every kind of digital marketing company for 10 years, small, big, medium, earn experience. After that start your own digital marketing company, definitely your success rate will be very high. 

    15) How to find a digital marketing job?
    If you have completed your digital marketing course and you have got the certificate then you can start looking for your job now.

    To find a digital marketing job, you can visit Online Job Sites like LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed. There you will see hundreds of jobs related to your field, for which you can apply.
    You can find a digital marketing job by advertising in digital marketing related magazines.

    16) Future Of Digital Marketing:
    Today digital marketing is overtaking the traditional mediums of marketing and is moving fast and it is expected that digital marketing will continue to grow like this for many years to come.

    What is the difference between digital marketing and online marketing? (Digital Vs Online Marketing):
    Digital marketing is marketing done through any electronic device – such as phone, computer, tablet, internet, TV, electronic billboard.

    Whereas online or internet marketing is a part of digital marketing in which marketing is done using only the internet.

    17) Some Popular Digital Marketing Blogs:
    Digital Marketing Institute
    Now I think you have got a clear idea about Digital Marketing, So if you interested in digital marketing start investing in it. Don’t be too late to regret it in the future. 


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