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Internet is the most modern system of information technology. You can call the Internet a world-class group of different computer networks. Thousands and many computers during this network are connected to every other. The computer is usually connected to the Internet by telephone line. But apart from this, there are many more in which computers can connect to the internet.

The Internet is not under any single company or government, but there are many servers connected to it, which belong to different institutions or private companies. Some popular internet services like a gopher, file transfer protocol, world wide web are used to get information on the internet. We can call the Internet as the medium of advertising worldwide. These are the easiest and cheapest means of conducting a global survey about a product. It is a very useful tool for displaying various information such as reports, articles, computers, etc.

Internet client is based on the server architecture in which your computer or mobile which are using the information on the internet are called clients and where this information is kept safe, we call them servers.

Usually, we use Web Browser to view the information on the Internet, these are client programs and are able to communicate with hyper text documents and display them. You can use various services available on the Internet by using a web browser.

History Of Internet

Originally the Internet was used for the US military. During the Cold War, the American Army wanted a good, large, reliable communications service. In 1969, a network called ARPANET was created by connecting four computers, then the progress of the Internet started correctly.
 By 1972, the number of computers connected to it had increased to 37. By 1973, it had expanded to England and Norway. In 1974, the Arpanet was used as a general logo, known as Telnet. Common rules for networks were made in 1982, these are called protocols. These protocols were known as TCP / IP (Transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol). 
In 1990, Arpanet was scrapped and the Internet remained as Network of Networks. Currently, millions or millions of computers are connected to each other through the internet. (VSNL) Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited provides network services for Internet in India.

How does the Internet work?

The post you are reading now traveled thousands of miles from a Google Data Center to reach you. Let’s find out how the web works by going to understand the small print of this data’s incredible journey. The data center which can be thousands of miles away from you has your posts and videos stored inside it. How does this data reach your mobile or a laptop? An easy way to achieve this goal would be with the use of satellites. From the info center, a sign might be sent to the satellite via an antenna, then from the satellite, a sign might be sent to your mobile via another antenna near to you.

However, this way of transmitting signals is not a good idea. Let’s see why.

The satellite is parked nearly 22,000 miles above the earth’s equator, so in order for the data transmission to be successful, the data would have to travel a total distance of 44,000 miles. Such an extended distance of travel causes a big delay in receiving the signal. More specifically it causes huge latency which is unacceptable for many internet applications.

So if this post does not reach you via a satellite then how does it actually get to you?

Well, it’s through with the assistance of a sophisticated network of glass fiber cables, which connect between the info center and your device. Your phone could be connected to the internet via cellular data or any Wi-Fi router, but ultimately at some point, your phone will be connected to this network of optical fiber cables.

We saw at the beginning that the post you are currently reading is stored inside a data center. To be more specific, it is stored in a solid-state device(SSD) within the data center. This SSD acts as the internal memory of a server. The server is simply a powerful computer whose job is to provide you the video or other stored content when you request it. Now the challenge is the way to transfer the info stored within the data center specifically to your device via the complex network of glass fiber cables.
internet work through ethernet cable  images
Ithernet Cable

Let’s see how this is done. Before proceeding further we should always first understand a crucial concept which is that the concept of an IP address. Every device that is connected to the Internet whether it is a server a computer or a mobile phone is identified uniquely by a string of numbers known as an IP address.
You can consider the IP address similar to your home address that is the address, that uniquely identifies your home. Any letter sent to you reaches you precisely because of your home address. Similarly, within the internet world, an IP address acts as a shipping address through which all information reaches its destination. 
Your internet service provider will decide the IP address of your device and you are able to see what IP address your ISP has given to your mobile phone or laptop. The server in the data center also has an IP address. The server stores a website so you can access any website just by knowing the server’s IP address. However, it is difficult for a person to remember so many IP addresses. So to unravel this problem domain names like youtube.com, facebook.com, etc are used which correspond to IP addresses which are easier for us to recollect than the long sequence of numbers.

Another thing to notice here is that a server has the capability of storing several websites and if the server consists of multiple websites all the websites cannot be accessed with the server’s IP address. In such cases additional pieces of information, host headers are used to uniquely identify the website.

However, for the giant web sites like Facebook.com or YouTube.com the entire data center infrastructure will be dedicated to the storage of the particular website. To access the web we always use domain names rather than the complex IP address numbers.

From where does the web get IP addresses like our name requests. Well, for this purpose the web uses an enormous phone book referred to as DNS. If you recognize an individual’s name but do not know their phone number you’ll simply look it up during a phone book. The DNS server provides the same service to the internet. Your internet service provider or other organizations can manage the DNS server.

Let’s have a recap of the whole operation.

You enter the domain name, the browser sends a request to the DNS server to get the corresponding IP address. After getting the IP address, your browser simply forwards the request to the data center, more specifically to the respective server. Once the server gets a request to access a particular website the data flow starts. The data is transferred in digital format via optical fiber cables, more specifically in the form of light pulses. These light pulses sometimes need to travel thousands of miles via the glass fiber cable to succeed in their destination. During their journey, they often have to go through tough terrains such as hilly areas or under the sea.

There are a couple of global companies who lay and maintain these optical cable networks.
Sea Cable Laying image
Sea Cable Laying process By Ship.

These visuals show how the laying of optical fiber cables is done with the help of a ship.

laying co axial cable in the sea
Source – Youtube

A plow is dropped deep into the sea from the ship, and this plow creates a trench on the seabed and to which places the optical fiber cable. In fact, this complex optical cable network is the backbone of the web. These optical fiber cables carrying the light are stretched across the seabed to your doorstep where they are connected to a router.

The router converts these light signals to electrical signals. A coaxial cable is then wont to transmit the electrical signals to your laptop.

Since the web may be a global network it’s become important to possess a corporation to manage things like IP address assignment, name registration, etc this is often all managed by an establishment called ICANN located within the USA.

Advantages of Internet

Online Bill Online Bills

With the assistance of the web, we will easily pay all our bills sitting reception. On the web, we will pay all electricity, telephone, DTH, or online shopping bills during a jiffy with the assistance of MasterCard or net banking.

Send and receive information

albeit you’re sitting in any corner of the planet, you’ll send and receive many sorts of data or information from one place to a different during a few seconds. Today, voice calls, voice messages, emails, video calls are often made on the web, and companions also can send a spread of other files.

Online office

Some big companies allow their employees to work from home via the web. There are many online marketing and communication-related companies, whose employees do marketing run through the web at their home and laptop and mobile phones.

Online Shopping

Now people don’t even get to attend the shop again and again because now you’ll shop online with the assistance of the web sitting reception and buy goods at cheap prices with none bargaining. With the assistance of a web shopping website, today you’ll not only buy goods but if you would like, you’ll also send gifts to your family and relatives.

Business promotion

As we all know now the web has made its way into the house. that’s why through the web you’ll take your business very far if you would like. All the large companies of the planet are taking the assistance of the web to require their business further. With the assistance of online advertising, affiliate marketing, and website, all the businesses of the planet try to spread their business everywhere the planet through the web.

Online job information and application

Now it’s become very easy to urge applications and knowledge for jobs. Now you’ll easily study any job with the assistance of the work portal website from home and may also apply for the work by visiting their website.


Gradually freelancers are growing on the web who are making excellent money through freelancing. A freelancer means making some money using your skills on the web. Today people on the web are making money sitting reception by creating websites, online surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging, uploading videos to YouTube and lots of other ways

Disadvantages of Internet

Waste of your time

For those that use the web for his or her paperwork and for getting information, the web is extremely beneficial, except for those that somehow make it their habit, it’s nothing but a waste of your time. we should always use the web in a timely manner.

Internet isn’t free

we should always take an online connection only we’d like it because most internet providing companies charge huge internet charges. If you are doing not need the web much, you’ll take a pre-paid internet service with the assistance of which you’ll recharge and use the web whenever you would like.

Exploitation and pornography and violent images

The speed of communication on the web is extremely fast. That’s why people exploit and take unfair advantage by misinforming any of their enemies or whom they need to discredit online. Also, there are many websites on the web that contain obscene things thanks to which young children are becoming incorrect education.

Fraud, hacking, viruses, and cheating

does one realize 50-60% of the businesses on which you register your account, sell or misuse your personal information? Some people also can hack your important information with the assistance of the web. Recently, there was a Ransomware attack on many computers around the world, during which many of us lost crores. there’s a risk of viruses coming to our computers and mobile phones through the web, so it’s vital to possess good antivirus protection.

Spam emails and advertisements

By stealing people’s personal information and Email Id from the web, many fraudulent companies send false emails from which they defame them. Please reply to the e-mail you would like. Immediately send or delete unknown emails within the list of Spam. don’t buy anything by the e-mail link, always go on to an enormous shopping website and buy an equivalent.

Internet Addiction & Health Effects

Many of us don’t eat or drink without the web. The web also has many sorts of bad health effects like weight gain, pain within the legs and hands, pain and dryness within the eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, mental stress, back pain, etc.

We hope this post has given you an honest understanding of how the web works, more specifically about the amazing journey of knowledge packets from the info center to your mobile.

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